Kyler’s alleged altercation with a fan following the Cardinals’ victory on Sunday.

  • Publicado el 19 sep 2022
  • Police are investigating Kyler’s alleged altercation with a fan following the Cardinals’ victory on Sunday. (via camcox12/IG)
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Comentarios • 54

  • jay2009fun
    jay2009fun Hace un día +74

    He tried to touch him in celebration not slap him

  • Random Entertainment
    Random Entertainment Hace un día +10

    His O-line has to protect him better, even the fans are getting hits on him!

  • Chris R
    Chris R Hace un día +17

    The slap heard around the NFL lmO

  • The HOWARD
    The HOWARD Hace un día +8

    I don’t think he tried to might have been trying to get in on the celebration

  • Sportz N Sh*t
    Sportz N Sh*t Hace un día +2

    He tried to touch him to celebrate but Murray was pulling away at the same time and it ended up slapn him…that was by accident

  • Matt K
    Matt K Hace un día +1

    This just goes to show that when you're 5'3" and someone wants a high five,it could be construed as abuse.

  • terry spross
    terry spross Hace un día +19

    First off he went over to the crowd slapping hands and celebrating. The fan in question looks like he reaches out to grab him to get a picture. Don’t think he intended to hit him. That player is now gonna have the NFL change thr policy on fan interaction. Like the Lambeau leap

  • Bruss813
    Bruss813 Hace un día +21

    Guy scratched his face, by accident, in celebration. It waz the guy with glasses.

  • King RL
    King RL Hace un día +3

    Definitely just looks like they tried to pat him on the head or back and accidentally swiped his face

  • Apple Thunder spice
    Apple Thunder spice Hace un día

    Somebody send Kyler back to High School

  • ItsPeanut!
    ItsPeanut! Hace un día +3

    Who tf is the camera man 😂

    ANGELO LAKER Hace un día +3

    Wtf don’t go and celebrate with drunk fans common sense

  • Tevin S
    Tevin S Hace un día

    He was trying to hit his shoulder pads.

  • JustWoody
    JustWoody Hace 21 un hora

    If me a 20 yr old can decipher the difference between a fan punching his qb,or a fan trying to celebrate with his qb in a one in a lifetime opportunity.

  • ifg redrum
    ifg redrum Hace 19 horas

    He should know if you not in a raiders jersey never go near the fans 😂

  • Logan X
    Logan X Hace un día

    He hit his shoulder pad in celebration, poor baby face Murray

  • J. Peters
    J. Peters Hace un día

    I don't know if they can prove he meant to do that though.

  • Markel Raya
    Markel Raya Hace un día

    Don’t think it was on purpose tbf, luckily he didn’t over exaggerate.

    DEEZYDANEMANE Hace un día

    Raider nation at its finest 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jason Bruns
    Jason Bruns Hace 21 un hora

    That was an accident lol