2020 NBA All-Star Game | Final Minutes of Game

  • Publicado el 15 feb 2020
  • The 2020 NBA All-Star game came down to the wire in the last few minutes, as Team LeBron and Team Giannis gave everything they had to win the game.
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Comentarios • 4 024

  • genius guy
    genius guy Hace 2 años +4789

    You can cry watching this now. Seeing how happy the fans was. No one was getting sick. This was the good ole times

    • Daniel Pryor
      Daniel Pryor Hace 3 meses

      A month later we went into lockdown

    • Jake Simmons
      Jake Simmons Hace 7 meses

      @Sachie Vargas A man with covid died in a motorcycle accident and it was considered “covid related”. The numbers are skewed to spread fear

  • Ambalavanan T
    Ambalavanan T Hace un año +3432

    Fans: This is too much of a tension for an all star game
    AD: Let me make it worse by missing the first free throw

    • GetMessi
      GetMessi Hace 7 meses

      Oh I didn't even see him miss lol. I was wondering why they were talking about boxing out on the first shot

    • Shutey
      Shutey Hace un año

      @Abrak Asmamaw he didn’t do that on purpose you can tell if someone is doing it on purpose or not if he did actually say that he’s saying it to make him self look better 😂🤦🏼‍♂️💀

    • Zgoetzinger
      Zgoetzinger Hace un año

      @makeitouthill get em bruh

    • VonClipz
      VonClipz Hace un año +5

      Crazy how blm even had to be created imagine having to tell ppl a certain human life matters it's sad

    • CDaffpunk
      CDaffpunk Hace un año

      @Astingray52 I understand this and I have no problem with the idea of BLM and what is behind it. I'm talking about the way they went about it.

  • Scruff D0g
    Scruff D0g Hace 2 años +704

    This was the best basketball game of the season. I do not care if it was an all star game, it was so fun to watch the intensity of the game.

  • Brian
    Brian Hace un año +1011

    2:25 Bron and CP3 instantly talking to the refs in sync has me dying 😂

    • Bren McClure
      Bren McClure Hace 7 meses

      They've been playing for a long time now lmao

    • Liann Carlo
      Liann Carlo Hace 7 meses +2

      @Michael cp3 bron luka embidd in one team🤣

    • - Caesar
      - Caesar Hace un año +4


    • LcK86
      LcK86 Hace un año +5

      @User embiid with giannis on bucks rn will be scary. he's had enough with simmons coz he's afraid to shoot🤣🤣🤣

    • User
      User Hace un año +96

      And at 2:23 Gianni's and Embiid Sync up as well

  • pinhead johnson
    pinhead johnson Hace 2 años +3540

    greatest quarter ever... felt like a shit ton of alternate reality finals moments

    • LeUltraInstinct
      LeUltraInstinct Hace 7 meses

      @James Jones this shit aged horribly🤣😭

    • Ayomide Ayodele
      Ayomide Ayodele Hace 11 meses

      @James Jones still greater than him. 😂 In all the polls online u will never see kobe as no 1 but u will see MJ or LeBron as no 1 that should tell you something.

    • Utkarsh Pandey
      Utkarsh Pandey Hace un año

      Mike james more like concern troll james lololololol😂😂😂😂

  • Keith Nelson
    Keith Nelson Hace 7 meses +167

    I love how for 96% of the allstar game is fun, laid back play where everyone appreciates the NBA's best tallent, then the 4% where the players decide they don't wanna lose hits

    • Just An Account lmao
      Just An Account lmao Hace 7 meses +2

      @Ryder Green yeah but I think the winning team still got a check or something like that idk that’s why they was playing so hard

    • Ryder Green
      Ryder Green Hace 7 meses +3

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure whoever won got to decide what charity the nba would donate to

  • Albert Carr
    Albert Carr Hace 2 años +103

    This was one All Star game that will definitely not be forgotten ‼️🔥 the ending of that game was so intense .

    • rahul sharma
      rahul sharma Hace 9 meses +2

      Because in this curry was not there 😂😂😂

  • Brayden Aguirre
    Brayden Aguirre Hace un año +50

    Still in my opinion the best all star game we’ve had in decades. I like the new format and hope they continue it. The 4th quarter was insane not gonna lie.

  • Mas K
    Mas K Hace 9 meses +13

    I keep coming back to watch this game!! The best all star game ever!! RIP KOBE!!! Miss you everyday!!

  • housegrumpyboys
    housegrumpyboys Hace 2 años +6952

    You know shit gets serious when even James Harden plays defense

  • Blanco
    Blanco Hace un año +17

    Watching this again for the 2nd time. Mannn nothing can beat this! One of the best all star games in a long time

  • Scruff D0g
    Scruff D0g Hace un año +441

    This was the Best Game Ever compared to the Beat Down Team LeBron just put on Team Durant

    • Gabe more
      Gabe more Hace 7 meses +1

      Not the best game ever lol

    • Scruff D0g
      Scruff D0g Hace 8 meses +1

      @Jose Jose Having those 3 on a team was not fair at all, Team KD had no shot.

    • kidpresident1289
      kidpresident1289 Hace 8 meses +1

      @Andrew Evans yea he should, the 2022 lakers are such a good team

    • Jose Jose
      Jose Jose Hace un año +1

      Yea curry Giannis and dame carried

    • KennyGotBandz
      KennyGotBandz Hace un año +5

      I feel like next year will be like this or better because hopefully we wont have injuries

  • Appreciation world
    Appreciation world Hace 2 años +10

    Congrats for season return! I watched some games with no audiences in the gym. I felt it's more comfortable to analysis team strategy & players' moves. I mean we can be more into the basketball game. Multi-angle cameras & hi-reso recording, & even VR technology will help remote fans to enjoy the game. I'm expecting these techs will drastically improve NBA audience experience.

  • toptenguy1
    toptenguy1 Hace un año +7

    The format made it so good. Instead of the usual game endings of "Quick 3 pt attempt, foul, free throws, quick 3 pt attempt, foul, free throws, etc etc". This had such a different feel. Both teams playing clamp down defense, knowing that EVERY POINT WAS CRUCIAL. Loved it.

  • aivy gile
    aivy gile Hace un año +15

    I love how Bron already walking away before the ball gets to the rim. I just admire how much trust he has for AD. He knew his dog would make it.

  • OmarDa Goon
    OmarDa Goon Hace un año +19

    For me this is the best all star game in history the energy was on another level

    • Ran
      Ran Hace 2 meses

      @Tray Hops yo wym?

    • Tray Hops
      Tray Hops Hace un año

      You Know It Was A Ritual Right

  • Joel Olvera
    Joel Olvera Hace 8 meses +6

    Best all star game ever, on my feet the whole 4th quarter

  • Big Daddy T Richardson
    Big Daddy T Richardson Hace 2 años +655

    This was the most competitive All-Star Games I've ever seen...

    • Dats a paddlin
      Dats a paddlin Hace 10 meses

      @Alienator Terminator some games were close while others were not still. I’m not gonna lie…everyone glories the past they came up in. Some games were good while others were not.

    • Big Daddy T Richardson
      Big Daddy T Richardson Hace un año

      @Alienator Terminator

    • Alienator Terminator
      Alienator Terminator Hace un año +1

      Go watch the 90's and early 00's all star games, those guys back in those days actually play intense defence, todays players see who could chunk the most 3's

    • Juli Man
      Juli Man Hace un año

      @Tay Jackson is bad locatolion

    • Micah Bell
      Micah Bell Hace un año +24

      @adrian monteclaro You old guys are worst.

  • Dennis Bada
    Dennis Bada Hace 2 años +9691

    This is how an All-Star Game should be...

  • Byron Wright Jr.
    Byron Wright Jr. Hace un año +5

    I think this is a great format for an all star game. Keep it just like this. No changes needed.

  • W1sE シ︎
    W1sE シ︎ Hace un año +42

    This what I called an All-star Game.

  • Menurd 1
    Menurd 1 Hace un año +10

    This is by far the best all star game in the past 10 years

  • Rashea White
    Rashea White Hace 2 años +4

    Awe... Thank y'all. All y'all are All Stars! So honored to be among you!👏

  • C MS
    C MS Hace 2 años +11733

    If AD had missed that second free throw, he would have been traded to the cavs

    • Tyrecein20k
      Tyrecein20k Hace 2 meses

      So true

    • Twesmo
      Twesmo Hace un año

      For a pack of gum

    • Yes
      Yes Hace un año

      @Reaction movies ??

    • Paad Usop
      Paad Usop Hace un año


    • KeyLimePie 18
      KeyLimePie 18 Hace un año

      Nah is just the all star that don’t really matter

  • Noel Bate
    Noel Bate Hace un año +4

    damn i remember watching this live and having so much fun, one of the best all-stars for sure

  • Cole Banville
    Cole Banville Hace un año +5

    this was easily the best all star game in recent memory

  • Jax007
    Jax007 Hace un año +4

    This is one of my all time favorite nba moments

  • Joshua Cabañero
    Joshua Cabañero Hace 8 meses +3

    Wish we could see this competitiveness on ASG this year, players trying to get a charge, playing solid defense, complaining on the Referees for missed calls, etc. Love the intensity.

  • juki0h
    juki0h Hace 2 años +5447

    I like how they were all messing around for like the majority of the game, then at the very last minutes, they were all taking it serious.

    • Chris mrsickfoo
      Chris mrsickfoo Hace 7 meses


    • Frostixity
      Frostixity Hace 7 meses

      @Michael Angst ur a gambler thats why u think that cus u have a severe gambling addiction.

    • Michael Angst
      Michael Angst Hace un año +1

      This game honestly makes me think that the nba can all be scripted to be honest... As a gambler, I have believed this for a long time

      KABANDANA SENDANYOYE Fabrice Hace un año

      @Kee Ozzie !

  • All Suave
    All Suave Hace un año +1

    With all that’s going on in the world , I totally forgot we had a NBA ALLSTAR GAME IN 2020 😫

  • Dante Alexander
    Dante Alexander Hace un año

    You know. We are blessed to be alive for such a talented era of basketball. Every era could be argued as the best. But for my lifetime. When you see all these players buckle up and take it serious you realize how wild it is that there are like. 10 to 15 players on the court that can give you 40

  • Lovleen
    Lovleen Hace un año

    It's credit to Giannis for making this game so competitive. It really got competitive when Giannis blocked Lebron's shot bc everyone chills during an all star game but Giannis treats every game likes its a game 7.

  • Cedric Hollingsworth
    Cedric Hollingsworth Hace 7 meses +2

    I forgot they honored Kobe & Gigi ! This was one of the greatest all star games

  • chief officials
    chief officials Hace un año +2

    Every year the All-star should be like this 💯💪

  • Reload Seven
    Reload Seven Hace 2 años +13

    Greatest AllStar game in recent memory. RIP Mamba, this one was for you and GiGi

  • Galang Pamungkas
    Galang Pamungkas Hace un año +1

    The craziest all star game in NBA history🔥

  • リュウ介 Finn
    リュウ介 Finn Hace 7 meses +3

    5:44 Harden should've pass it to the cutting Bron. Could've been a tomahawk slam to end the game or another great block by Giannis. Would've been crazy to see either ways.

  • LilTaco-_-
    LilTaco-_- Hace 2 años +1641

    I just love seeing all the players arguing the calls and the fans on their feet in a quarter that would normally be a mindless dunkfest

      BONE UNIT Hace 2 años

      JP, now way they would be challenging calls in any other all star game

    • Jesse Brickley
      Jesse Brickley Hace 2 años +1

      FlamingTaco when everyone is on their feet recording a free throw you know it’s good!😂😂

    • Great Baboon
      Great Baboon Hace 2 años +2

      @J P having mid life crisis boomer?

    • LilTaco-_-
      LilTaco-_- Hace 2 años +3

      J P nah usually I don’t but the fact that their doing it in the all star game gives it life

  • Raymond Prado
    Raymond Prado Hace 2 años +1

    Most intense all star game of all time

  • Daily Dose of Mobile Legends

    *Still a great All-Star for me!✨*

  • red23rd
    red23rd Hace 9 meses +2

    Now that's how you play the All Star game!! From now on that's how you guys play the All Star game..
    At last, after all these years..

  • LeMoksh James
    LeMoksh James Hace 2 años +4

    Honestly this was one of the most exciting all star games

    ANKEETH MAGANLAL Hace 2 años +7741

    This is the closest we get to the NBA Finals this season 😅

    • Matúš Malovec
      Matúš Malovec Hace un año +3

      @C P this comment didn't age well 😂 l

    • Mamba
      Mamba Hace un año +4

      @C P LMAO

    • BlitzGcat
      BlitzGcat Hace un año +3

      @C P talked too soon

    • N H
      N H Hace un año +3

      Bron: “hold my 4th ring”

  • Nabii
    Nabii Hace un año +5

    This was maybe the best time I've ever had watching a basketball game.

  • 。
     Hace un año

    Great format. Hope they bring this back this year.

  • Andre Christianto
    Andre Christianto Hace 2 años

    Kyle Lowry doing his signature move on an all-star game. Drawing offensive foul like a pro. It's nice to see.

  • CJ Marincus
    CJ Marincus Hace 2 años +3

    Man this feels like it was so long ago...hard to believe we're still in the same season.

  • Raesdub
    Raesdub Hace un año +10

    This is the most intense and entertaining all star game

    • Wyatt W
      Wyatt W Hace un año

      Not one bit the older ones are the best when they was real competition. They’re just trying to entertain and it’s boring

  • BigA
    BigA Hace un año

    I knew we were winning the chip after watching this game 💯 # LakersNation

  • Andrew Whiffen
    Andrew Whiffen Hace 2 años +1

    One of the best all star games! Hope they keep the same formate next year, just can’t end the game on free throws.

    • Prue
      Prue Hace 2 años


  • Maxwell Hammond
    Maxwell Hammond Hace 7 meses

    Lebron was celebrating the win while ADs second free throw was still in the air. No box out. Ultimate confidence in his teammate 👑

  • Huy Phuc Mai
    Huy Phuc Mai Hace un año +2

    Imagine if the All-Stars actually was competitve. Man, imagine the quality of the game.

  • Rickey Williams
    Rickey Williams Hace 7 meses

    Great to revisit! I forgot who won, but it's hilarious that the entire last of the game was all determined by Kyle Lowry😂

  • Damar Fadlan
    Damar Fadlan Hace un año +3

    This 2020 AllStar Match is AMAZING.

  • BenJamIn Durand
    BenJamIn Durand Hace un año +8

    It's really amazing how good lebron is. Seems like he's always in the finals every year and just the way he plays. Very competitive and so smart. I guess this is the year, as an Atlanta fan, I finally give my respect to lebron and Tom brady. Never thought I would love these guys.

  • Bronny James
    Bronny James Hace 2 años +1019

    Its like game 7 of the nba finals. This format is great for the fans

    • Jermond Craig Williams Jr.
      Jermond Craig Williams Jr. Hace 2 años +1

      @Jack that year was no defense at all😭😭😭😂😂😂

    • Jack
      Jack Hace 2 años +2


    • Bronny James
      Bronny James Hace 2 años +3

      @Dzoni facts! But this one though is already top 5 or top 3 greatest all star game ever.

    • Dzoni
      Dzoni Hace 2 años +20

      yeah i agree from 2018 till now all star game is fucking competitve rembember 2017 all dunks and shooting 3s boring this is actually what we want best players playing competitive againts each other :D

    • Big Marv
      Big Marv Hace 2 años +5

      Yeah, i like it

  • Jinsang Dre
    Jinsang Dre Hace 2 años +1

    I love team lebrons lineup of Kawhi, Lebron, Harden, Paul, and Davis🔥

  • Joshua Elijah
    Joshua Elijah Hace un año

    7:08 The analysts who also played the guard position were like “I’m not mad at Lowery for trying.” “No.” Because they both knew they probably woulda had the same outcome trying to check AD in the paint with LeBron passing it to him accuracy and timing wise.
    Nothing most people can do wit that.

  • Salute Zindagi
    Salute Zindagi Hace 2 años +1

    What a terrific defensive technique Giannas has👏👏

  • Jesus Trujillo
    Jesus Trujillo Hace un año

    We get 2 great all star games in a row, new format is just too good fellas

  • GOAT
    GOAT Hace 2 años +6087

    Everybody: 😃
    Kawhi: 😐

    • Nick Jones Cailing
      Nick Jones Cailing Hace 8 meses


    • blondydred 79
      blondydred 79 Hace 9 meses


    • Daniel Loshima
      Daniel Loshima Hace un año

      @SG11 nice one 🤣🤣... But come on that is irrelevant😒😒

    • Damar Fadlan
      Damar Fadlan Hace un año

      @Isaac Sanchez most of them dont like Kawhi Leonard in this game.

      RAUF ABEJO Hace un año

      All stars do not stephen curry 😫😫😫😫2020 in irving 😫😫😫😫

  • TerryTeoh
    TerryTeoh Hace 7 meses +2

    King LBJ … ❤️ True Legend … LeGOAT

  • Devonte F.
    Devonte F. Hace 2 años

    I wanna see this energy every All Star game

  • stern jr
    stern jr Hace 2 años

    When i see all those players struggle to score when the defense is tight, I miss Kobe even more

  • Tsar
    Tsar Hace un año +1

    One of the best moments in the NBA before the Covid Happened

  • Marwane M
    Marwane M Hace 2 años +5163

    It's crazy how Giannis blocked that.

    • Adam Davis
      Adam Davis Hace 7 meses +1


    • Marcus Rondo
      Marcus Rondo Hace 7 meses

      It was a goal tend. Bron purpose put it off the glass even tho it wasnt gonna go in. If you hit it after it hits the glass its a goal tend.

    • Brandon ok?
      Brandon ok? Hace un año

      @Fernando Saputra oh so your still salty he left?

  • KnotShor
    KnotShor Hace 7 meses +7

    It's crazy that Lowry took that charge and on February 13th 2022 he's playing for the first place Miami Heat and leading the lead in charges taken by a huge margin

  • Piddles McGee
    Piddles McGee Hace 7 meses +1

    The normal 3 quarters of just messing around was so worth it for the 4th quarter when competitiveness takes over

  • Hiển Minh Dương
    Hiển Minh Dương Hace un año +1

    hands down best all star game ever

  • Harber1202
    Harber1202 Hace un año

    This might be my favorite all star game ever

  • Nathaniel Navarro
    Nathaniel Navarro Hace 2 años +62

    Best all star game I've seen. Competition and passion to win was legitimate! Great game with the family on a Sunday before work #24 #8 #2 💯💛💜

  • Scruff D0g
    Scruff D0g Hace un año

    Best NBA game of the long 2019-2020 Season.

  • Isiah Allen
    Isiah Allen Hace 2 años +7

    Its shocking how LeBron had himself James harden Terminator Simmons and so many other greats that could blow out a tem by themselves while Giannis had a super young team with rising starts like Spicy P and the game was that close

    • Janinho897
      Janinho897 Hace 2 años

      Tbh It's not really shocking.
      Mainly, because the whole game is designed so that it will be a close game. No matter, how you spin this, both teams are still entirely made of All-Stars.

  • Samarjeet Bhonsle
    Samarjeet Bhonsle Hace un año +5

    Damn these rules are goated, gave us so much intensity in the All Star Game...can't believe we won't have an All Star game this season😭

  • Lawrence Chengo
    Lawrence Chengo Hace 2 años +2

    That block by Giannis was personal 😂😂😂

  • yas d
    yas d Hace 2 años +1377

    Kyle's defense was ridiculous. He lives for these moments LOL

    • Rafael Isslaam
      Rafael Isslaam Hace 2 años

      prazertv that’s what I’m saying. Harden actually played good defenses against Embiid, Siacam

    • quayaba
      quayaba Hace 2 años

      prazertv I mean you are trying to win the game for Kobe

    • skyline
      skyline Hace 2 años

      @Ryan McCorvey ya but he sold the foul to the refs thus the late call

    • Sanjum Braich
      Sanjum Braich Hace 2 años +1

      One thing we can tale from this dumb argument,
      Is how petty some people can be on the internet

  • Zhuo Liu
    Zhuo Liu Hace un año

    I like how they were all messing around for like the majority of the game, then at the very last minutes, they were all taking it serious.

  • Övgü Kılıç
    Övgü Kılıç Hace 2 años

    I miss the 00’s all star matches. This one looks like a bit of those days.

  • J Blue
    J Blue Hace un año

    I like how both teams remembered kobe and GiGi wearing their numbers team lebron #2 team Greek freak #24 rest easy kobe GiGi and everyone affected 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😢😢

  • Mario Garcia
    Mario Garcia Hace un año +1

    All I know if Kobe was in this game everyone would’ve had a straight face I’ll the last second of the game! Rip Kobe man 🙏🏼

  • Bryce Wilson
    Bryce Wilson Hace 2 años +399

    they have to do the no time limit 24 point fourth quarter every year, I love the difference it makes. it's a unique tribute to Kobe and makes the all star game different and fun in another way!

    • KingSupreme MAG
      KingSupreme MAG Hace 2 años

      @Ray Miller that's the only thing they gotta pretty much tweak.... gotta win on a shot or something. And they should probly make every quarter like the 1st quarter. No time outs tho

    • fredagsedb
      fredagsedb Hace 2 años +6

      @Ray Miller Hitting pressure free throws is also a big part of being clutch.

    • fredagsedb
      fredagsedb Hace 2 años +5

      @Ray Miller Better to call the clear foul on that than letting the game devolve into wrestling, which is the problem with the phrase of not calling this at the end to "let the players decide the game". It is still the players who decide the game, when they make obvious fouls. Playing within the rules - or at least only on the border of them - should be important in the whole game. And there's not really a fix to it, because if you say that the game has to end on a FG, people will just foul like crazy around game point. Have you ever played streetball? Like that.

    • fredagsedb
      fredagsedb Hace 2 años +1

      Let's hope they had already thought of the no time limit, but hitting a score to win, and it was just that the number was 24 that was the tribute part, or at least that they will know to keep it, if it wasn't planned already. But they'd be morons not to, so I'm pretty sure they will.

    • mnh
      mnh Hace 2 años +3

      @Q Bincashion i mean, the last allstar games went close to 200 on both sides. so 35x4 would be shorter but more entertaining. each quarter is $$ for a charity of that team. of course this should be only for allstar games.

  • luciano coacci
    luciano coacci Hace 2 años +1

    This all star game was the most fun in a while, new rules worked

  • KingAnonymous 18
    KingAnonymous 18 Hace un año

    I always think the all star games nor going to be as good as the one the year before it but it never fails to entertain.

  • Pablesque
    Pablesque Hace 8 meses +3

    Still today, it's heartbreaking seeing all the guys with the 8 and the 24 on the jerseys...

    • John
      John Hace 7 meses

      There was no 8 though, it was 2. Are you blind?

  • Jacques
    Jacques Hace 2 años +1

    That Giannis block was the cleanest block I've ever seen

  • Casey Henry
    Casey Henry Hace 2 años +4228

    End of the game becoming a game 7 championship defense mode

    • Artemain
      Artemain Hace 2 años +3

      @6 languages and 4 degrees Imagine saying you speak six languages, but punctuate incorrectly.....

    • Artemain
      Artemain Hace 2 años

      @6 languages and 4 degrees Wait, I didn't even put a comma between imbecile and millenial. And you missed a comma. Come on now

    • Artemain
      Artemain Hace 2 años

      @6 languages and 4 degrees What an internet troll. Uses incorrect punctuation and calls other people idiots. Ok dude

  • Jacques
    Jacques Hace 2 años +1

    That Giannis block was the cleanest block I've ever seen

  • emmanuel
    emmanuel Hace un año +40

    I like AD closing the game especially since the ASG was in Chicago, where he was born, but I don’t like how it ended

  • สุพิชชา ถาวรกุล

    I like how they were all messing around for like the majority of the game, then at the very last minutes, they were all taking it serious.

  • Kyle L
    Kyle L Hace un año +5

    We all know good and well that Davis did not miss that on purpose lol

  • Ernie Simms
    Ernie Simms Hace un año +6

    Basically one of our last memories

  • jmcfadden901
    jmcfadden901 Hace 8 meses +1

    The last greatest moment of 2020

  • Cornell Muhammad
    Cornell Muhammad Hace 2 años

    Amazing Allstar game.

  • Jaycee Cruz
    Jaycee Cruz Hace un año

    This all star game was the greatest all star game by far

  • Morgan Rees-Pearson
    Morgan Rees-Pearson Hace 2 años

    Such a shame that these always tend to be a fun "participation" game for its majority then the fourth quarter starts all the competition. Worse for this one ending with free throws.

  • Jari$
    Jari$ Hace 3 meses

    One of the reasons I am a huge fan of All-Star weekend, is that the players can really come together and chill (because they are normal like us) and just put their differences aside. Even when it got competitive in the end they all still showed admiration to just be there. Idk, maybe I'm just high.

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami Hace 5 meses +2

    Best all star game ever

  • TadashiDavide
    TadashiDavide Hace 2 años

    Personally, I wanted LeBron to finish this game with his shot.

  • Ariel Sastre
    Ariel Sastre Hace 2 años +2045

    Kobe Bryant is smiling down in heaven seeing his Mamba mentality everywhere

      SHOWTIME LAKERS Hace 2 años


    • Machii Rose
      Machii Rose Hace 2 años

      R.I.P 🙏🏾

    • Josean Thompson
      Josean Thompson Hace 2 años

      @JAY co Hold on now there, He can still repent even in his last breath. Now I'm on your side but for you to tell a living man he is hell bound is foolish on your part only are father can tell you were you arrive.

    • Josean Thompson
      Josean Thompson Hace 2 años

      @Chris Vaccaro Boy that is one long sentence.

  • kben 101
    kben 101 Hace un año +4

    (Lebron holds one finger)
    Lebron:We only need one free throw in
    Anthony:I'll right I'm going to miss the first one on purpose