The Legend of Kobe Bryant (Tribute) - 20 Minutes of Kobe's TOP 50 NBA Highlights 馃悙

  • Publicado el 23 ago 2018
  • A Tribute to a legend. Kobe Bryant was lethal from all areas of the court. Pull-ups, fadeways, game-winners... you name it. However you wanted it is how you got it! In honor of here are 20 minutes of No.8/24's top 50 plays of his career.
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    RIP Kobe Bryant (1978-2020)

Comentarios • 6 608

  • Bleacher Report
    Bleacher Report  Hace 2 a帽os +7

    Heroes come and go, but legends never die. RIP Kobe Bryant (1978-2020) 馃悙

  • Robert Duran
    Robert Duran Hace 2 a帽os +280


  • max yoinkage
    max yoinkage Hace un a帽o +20

    The fact that we were here to witness Kobe's career is a blessing. I cant wait to tell my grand children about the black mamba. You've touched so many people's lives Kobe, rest in peace.

  • Benjamin Wilkinson

    I don鈥檛 think there鈥檚 any era in sports I miss more than the Kobe era. He was a nightly highlight reel, with more heart than I鈥檝e ever seen.

  • East Miracle
    East Miracle Hace 2 a帽os +266

    We won't ever see nothing like that Again RIP Kobe

  • Victor Sarmiento
    Victor Sarmiento Hace un a帽o +28

    The footwork and movement of this man is unparalleled.

  • cojuf
    cojuf Hace 2 a帽os +1

    Don't be sad that he died. Be happy that he was born.

  • Benjamin Major
    Benjamin Major Hace 2 a帽os +62

    The amount of times he's upset the fans of the opposing team with a buzzer beater is astonishing..I can't help but think they had to have been a little amazed by the greatness. RIP Mamba

  • John Fred
    John Fred Hace 2 a帽os +138

    I sincerely hope that this video will be on ESclips forever. Every once in a while I go back to this video and get chivers for 20 minutes.!

  • lance woodard
    lance woodard Hace un a帽o +22

    One of the greatest ever, period... Rest in Paradise young man. 馃檹

  • Dee Derry
    Dee Derry Hace 2 a帽os +25

    I found tears pouring down my face watching this...His legacy is amazing 馃挃馃檶馃徏

  • Cadillac Kadafi
    Cadillac Kadafi Hace un a帽o +14

    The only video I ever watched on ESclips that brought a tear to my eye, damn I miss Kobe like crazy! Rip to you and your beautiful daughter bro! You will always be my 馃悙馃挭馃徑馃槶

  • Zachary Than
    Zachary Than Hace 2 a帽os +479

    鈥 I don鈥檛 want to be the next Michael Jordan, I only want to be Kobe Bryant 鈥 - Kobe Bryant

  • Obi1 Muzik
    Obi1 Muzik Hace 2 a帽os +68

    When I first heard him say 鈥渕amba out鈥 it sounded cheesy but now it brings tears to my eyes every time. This one hit different. RIP mamba!

    TALON Hace 2 a帽os +6

    This tugs at the heart strings. An absolute legend. I have so many favorite moments flashing back to when I was watching these games live. His will to win was iconic. Built himself up for legend status from Day 1 and had his mind fixed. He was on another trajectory. Another level. Always gonna miss you Kobe. I choose to remember in happiness, and being completely inspired. Greatness was what you sought. Greatness will forever be your legend.

  • Jesse Bridges
    Jesse Bridges Hace un a帽o +9

    Kobe was legendary! I was blessed to see his showmanship from the beginning of his career until the end. RIP Kobe 馃挭馃徔鉁婐煆

  • Trap Bandicoot
    Trap Bandicoot Hace 2 a帽os +34

    He was a huge part of my life growing up. An amazing man, father, speaker. Gone too soon

  • Marc Chatman

    Can't help but get my eyes heavy while watchin' this. Love you Kobe. Rest in Power, Mamba.

  • Starving Samoan
    Starving Samoan Hace 3 a帽os +3

    Kobe is one of those athletes you are just thankful you had a chance to watch play.

  • Idek
    Idek Hace 2 a帽os +10

    His love for the game, the passion dedication was remarkable he will never be forgotten