This must be way harder than it looks 😂

  • Publicado el 10 ago 2022
  • This must be way harder than it looks 😂 (via @runninrebels)
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  • Camden DiFrancesco
    Camden DiFrancesco Hace un mes +17514

    ka-wee Leonard for mvp
    Thanks for all the like guys

  • JN5
    JN5 Hace un mes +1335

    Here’s the trick, you want little to no bounce at all because the more times the ball bounces the less momentum the ball will have. Each bounce takes out energy while the ball bounces

    • Санжар Шахмерден
      Санжар Шахмерден Hace un día

      No, the trick he is lefthanded. Lefthanded people are geniuses

    • Samia
      Samia Hace 3 días

      I literally just said the same thing in my comment, then seen this 🤣🤣

    • Alex Omer
      Alex Omer Hace 3 días

      @Tom Guglielmo I’m not guessing its just physics yes you will constantly be fighting the slope but with each bounce you lose a ridiculous amount of energy way more so then if you were to consistently fight a slope of that degree. If you don’t believe j look it up i’ve seen problems super similar in physics textbooks before.

    • Andrew Lewinski
      Andrew Lewinski Hace 3 días

      @Alex Omer Yeah I seen that. I hate auto correct lol

    • Tom Guglielmo
      Tom Guglielmo Hace 3 días

      @Alex Omer I feel like 2 bounces gets less power up the slope. As where zero bounce at all is consistently fighting the slope, and you say "it's not much of a fight" yet it's only a basketball. They aren't heavy. Those balls are made to bounce. I feel like 2-3 bounces are a better option. Zero bounce means it will always fight the slope.. idk

  • Taah
    Taah Hace un mes +11825

    ah yes. Ka-wee Leonard

  • Ralph
    Ralph Hace un mes +5829

    “Congratulations your prize is getting traded to the clippers”

    • Masterraccoon
      Masterraccoon Hace 16 días


    • SSJay
      SSJay Hace 19 días

      @Ralph aha *HAAAAHaaahh haah* hahaah

    • Grayson Gaming
      Grayson Gaming Hace 23 días

      @fred Also your the guy ruining us chilling FRED

    • Grayson Gaming
      Grayson Gaming Hace 23 días

      @fred ''Cover photo''

    • fred
      fred Hace 23 días

      @Grayson Gaming look at your cover photo bro get some friends

  • Aran Pad
    Aran Pad Hace un mes +630

    the first dudes spin had me dead😭

    • Tony Soprano
      Tony Soprano Hace un mes


    • Golden State
      Golden State Hace un mes +2

      @William Zagarella no you’re the genius for dedicating your time to me whether I made a minor mistake or not. What did we truly accomplish today? Lol

    • William Zagarella
      William Zagarella Hace un mes

      @Golden State it was the one he just kinda threw it so they didnt count it. Notice the camera cut before it finished rolling? That's because it made it up the ramp, genius.

    • Golden State
      Golden State Hace un mes +6

      Then someone said “that’s the one” 😂💀

    • Signurture
      Signurture Hace un mes +5

      Bro accomplished nothing lmao

  • RobozCop
    RobozCop Hace un mes +4257

    If you make it your gonna go to the clippers

    • ✓ • 5 years ago
      ✓ • 5 years ago Hace un mes +1

      @Curry for 3…BANG THATS GOOD im the right are you are the wrooong 🤮🤮🤮

    • Curry for 3…BANG THATS GOOD
      Curry for 3…BANG THATS GOOD Hace un mes +1

      @✓ • 5 years ago I think you didn’t understand that I was also joking when I was joking but I wasn’t joking bc I was joking but I don’t think you understand bc I’m different like that🥱💚🐍

    • ✓ • 5 years ago
      ✓ • 5 years ago Hace un mes

      @Curry for 3…BANG THATS GOOD i think you didn't understand that they were also joking

    • Curry for 3…BANG THATS GOOD
      Curry for 3…BANG THATS GOOD Hace un mes

      @✓ • 5 years ago no they didn’t

    • ✓ • 5 years ago
      ✓ • 5 years ago Hace un mes +1

      @Curry for 3…BANG THATS GOOD yes they did

  • Michael Scarn
    Michael Scarn Hace 19 días +431

    I’m surprised nobody is talking about how MJ did this while fading away with his eyes closed and then delivered a baby before the ball reached the top

    • Michael Scarn
      Michael Scarn Hace 7 horas

      @michael scoggins which =6-0 just like his finals record 😱

    • michael scoggins
      michael scoggins Hace un día

      He did it 3 times. Twice.

    • Serøx M.
      Serøx M. Hace 5 días

      I'm surprised no one is saying Jordan is not the GOAT because he wasn't the best at this. And that LBJ is the "GOAT". "LeGoAt" lol
      But I wouldn't be surprised if MJ did that and was the best at this.

    • Creslo
      Creslo Hace 13 días +3

      @Pee Han oh nah really?!?! 😮😮😮

  • Amarotha
    Amarotha Hace un mes +232

    Wilt Chamberlain: Straight to the door without landing

    • Sharif Brown
      Sharif Brown Hace 26 días +2

      @Lion Heart both are.

    • Lion Heart
      Lion Heart Hace 27 días

      Bill Russell: “I’m not dead, yet!”

  • Mr Boombastic
    Mr Boombastic Hace 20 días +142

    My ego telling me how easy this is😭😭

    • Drewpott
      Drewpott Hace 17 días

      It really isn't hard, the guy whonmade it understands that bouncing the ball actually causes it too lose a LOT of momentum and spin because of it having a harder hit each time

    • karsonissus
      karsonissus Hace 17 días


  • Brian Aitken
    Brian Aitken Hace 13 días +59

    imagine if kawhi tweeted for the first time nearly a decade and said “my name is pronounced ka wee not ka why”

  • Khem Prod
    Khem Prod Hace un mes +390

    "Ka-wee Leonard" 💀

  • Pointing Soyjak
    Pointing Soyjak Hace un mes +27

    This one of those times where we need an average person that doesn’t play basketball to compare

    • Ceelux
      Ceelux Hace un mes +1

      Lol don’t even have to play basketball I bet the amateur bowler could get this

  • Ukita
    Ukita Hace un mes +3

    First dude had more spin than the ball 😂

  • 🅰️nThoNY oUbRE
    🅰️nThoNY oUbRE Hace un mes

    Bro did a 360 and pumped that straight to the ground LMAO 😭😭😭

  • Tin Man
    Tin Man Hace un mes +43

    Girlfriend: I bet he's out cheating on me
    Me and the boys:

  • Marv Jackson
    Marv Jackson Hace 9 días +1

    It look 🔥 I can’t lie but this def explains a lot since this is what they do at practice 🤣😂

  • Arthur Andrew 🎃
    Arthur Andrew 🎃 Hace un mes +2

    The dude rammin' it straight into the curtain 🤣🤣

  • LokiLarr84
    LokiLarr84 Hace 20 días

    He rolled everyone throw it up the ramp 😂

  • TopLessTanks
    TopLessTanks Hace un mes +1

    It’s that front spin and you have to actually roll the ball. That dude has the right technique, strength only gets you halfway.

  • Mumuji
    Mumuji Hace un mes

    This feels like it would be a physics exam question : given the angle of the plane and the initial velocity of the ball, how fast would the ball have to be thrown if it lands 3/4 the way up the ramp for it to stop above the ramp?

  • Hudson Shifferd
    Hudson Shifferd Hace 25 días +39

    I wish we could get another camera angle at the top of the ramp to see how close they actually were

  • Akuma Garab
    Akuma Garab Hace 24 días +2

    Me and my friends when we can't afford to go to the bowling center 😭

  • Dane Martin
    Dane Martin Hace un mes

    I think you have to roll it as much as possible. Bouncing it is taking away momentum huge

  • osavor
    osavor Hace un mes +72

    Iove how the dudes standing at the last one are not hype at all and dude just holds his hand up like cmon be a hype man for ya boy

  • Thomas W
    Thomas W Hace un mes +1

    Great thing about playing high school basketball and making it to the state tournament is getting to walk down that ramp

  • フ乇ム丂イノᄃの

    I feel like my arm will come off with the ball😂🤣

  • Facty kitty
    Facty kitty Hace 27 días +13

    Me : I wish I had my own basketball court
    Them : Playing bowling with basketball on a ramp.

  • JcBoyOnline
    JcBoyOnline Hace 11 días

    The guy hitting the wall is me trying to bowl 🤣

  • Mezzi Kirshblum
    Mezzi Kirshblum Hace un mes +2

    That was one of the most heartwarming moments

  • Joshua Veras
    Joshua Veras Hace un mes +1

    If Kawhi Leonard and Paul George can do this they make it look so easy lmao

  • Sunshine Singing
    Sunshine Singing Hace 23 días +3

    I've played there 😂its a long ass walk up there

  • Cindy Shields
    Cindy Shields Hace un mes +2

    Looks more fun that playing actual basketball

  • Lewis Palmer
    Lewis Palmer Hace un mes

    Throwing it too high in the air makes it lose over half its momentum along with bounces you gotta heave it as hard as you can like a bowling ball👌

  • FireHoming
    FireHoming Hace 28 días +26

    *hits curtain and bounces off each wall 3 times* "thats the one"

  • mygod
    mygod Hace un mes +5

    if they would roll it like a bowling ball they’d have a high chance . Always the chance for it to decide to bounce up tho

  • Avinash NMG
    Avinash NMG Hace un mes +3

    who ever throws , there's this dude who says'' that's the one '' everytime

  • EclipsaMyrtenaster
    EclipsaMyrtenaster Hace un mes +2

    "Right speed, right angle"
    *only goes half way*

  • Sucio
    Sucio Hace 24 días +16

    “History made”
    History: 😴

    • newhydro TV
      newhydro TV Hace 22 días

      “history made!”
      *doesn’t mention this kids name*

  • whosbranden
    whosbranden Hace 15 días

    that first spin did absolutely nothing 💀

  • StepBroGroza
    StepBroGroza Hace un mes +1

    Imagine buddy in orange just tapping it back down slowly 💀

  • Kadeem K
    Kadeem K Hace un mes +9

    First dude did the secret kickball pitch Huey does in the Boondocks lmfao

    DARKKY Hace un mes

    We gotta get Steven Adams on this 😂

  • P Y T H O N
    P Y T H O N Hace un mes +1

    It’s not about the power, it’s about the spin

  • Anthony White
    Anthony White Hace 17 días

    This looks fun!!! 😁

  • Logan Sorter
    Logan Sorter Hace un mes +4

    Why do I feel like I could do that as I put on my bowling shoes and my button-up shirt

    ACAKEGOD Hace 21 un día

    I’ve been on that court before I did the buzzer beater game with my friends

  • galaxy perk
    galaxy perk Hace un mes +2

    The guy who made the shot in the beginning is a goat

  • VeinObby_pro
    VeinObby_pro Hace un mes

    Imagine shaq do this rip to the people that waiting for the ball 💀

  • Court loww
    Court loww Hace 15 días

    He thought they was finna chase him down😭😭

  • Sam A
    Sam A Hace un mes +10

    Have to admit that the last brother stepped well into the black line before throwing. Would be great to see him do it again but stepping after he threw it like everyone else...I just don't wanna take away from everyone else's attempts/achievements, fairness is best.

  • OCEedits
    OCEedits Hace un mes +9

    He's talking while in the process all I'm thinking is "I can roll it down the ramp"

  • Focus Thief
    Focus Thief Hace 3 días

    Imagine not being able to do it😂

  • jshydra
    jshydra Hace un mes +177

    people that go bowling way too much prob laughing their ass off rn

    • Son of a language!!!!!
      Son of a language!!!!! Hace un mes

      @Rice 💀 yea

    • Matthew Hansen
      Matthew Hansen Hace un mes +1

      @Timez The Collector why can’t they?

    • Brandon Wiles
      Brandon Wiles Hace un mes

      I’ve ran down that ramp because I’ve been to the pit and it is so much steeper than it looks. By far. It’s honestly crazy how they don’t face plant 🤣

    • Rice
      Rice Hace un mes +1

      My friend is good at bowling and he did that in an nba court

    • Eli
      Eli Hace un mes +19

      Lowkey, because they be bowling 16 pound balls with ease so their wrist strength is crazy.

  • August Gregers Winkel
    August Gregers Winkel Hace un mes +11

    So now it'll be Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and that one guy from that one video👌

  • Falsify on crack
    Falsify on crack Hace un mes +1

    That looks hard if I tried I can only do it with my leg, IMAOO

  • jusjos19
    jusjos19 Hace 4 días

    The second the video started I thought roll it really hard. All of them threw it🤦‍♂️

  • Prabsharan Kaknia
    Prabsharan Kaknia Hace un mes +1

    It’s gotta be harder than it looks cuz i feel like I could throw the ball straight to the door at the end of that ramp.

  • God
    God Hace un mes

    The first dude spun twice then took a whole brief second to throw it losing all of the tension that was bout to go in the throw

  • Antonio_Dany_mod;)
    Antonio_Dany_mod;) Hace un mes +1

    Me, football gk: i can get the ball though that without even make it bouce

  • u2willKnoPain
    u2willKnoPain Hace un mes

    Cmonnnn he had a fraction of a toenail on the line you know it and I know it!

  • Raz Reflex
    Raz Reflex Hace un mes +14

    stepped over the line, doesnt count

  • AllAboutBandz
    AllAboutBandz Hace 4 días

    I thought the dude at the top was gonna kick it back down the way he stood in the way the whole time lmao

  • Teloscopic
    Teloscopic Hace 16 días +1

    the tts "nope" made me wanna end it all

  • Chooks Cradle
    Chooks Cradle Hace un mes +1

    Did she say Cowie? 🤣
    He used to be a top dawg when he was with the Raptors

  • Dan the man
    Dan the man Hace 14 días

    Steven adams could do this with no effort I'm sure

  • You A Clown Ass Duck
    You A Clown Ass Duck Hace un mes

    I can do this shii 1st try lmfao 😂😆

  • Albert Mystery
    Albert Mystery Hace un mes

    “Right spin, right angle” bro didn’t come close 💀💀

    • Tobias Krantz
      Tobias Krantz Hace un mes

      He hit the ladder, and his exlamation of what to actually do was before he tried to do said thing.

  • C Boy
    C Boy Hace 21 un día +4

    Yo😂looks fun asf though

  • Kaius M.
    Kaius M. Hace un mes

    Gotta love that small design touch.

  • Max TB
    Max TB Hace 17 días +1

    Footballers be like: am I a joke to you

  • Padraig Seery
    Padraig Seery Hace un mes +1

    I wonder what part of this video made him say this must be harder than it looks haha

  • Unfinshed
    Unfinshed Hace 23 días

    I would've just thrown it in the air as hard as I can

  • Tumaskun
    Tumaskun Hace un mes

    He's still running in that day 'til now.

  • Anthony Cantrell
    Anthony Cantrell Hace 13 días

    3rd guy: "just gotta get the right angle" *gets the actual worst possible anger*

  • ShOckWve 2.0 GamingYT
    ShOckWve 2.0 GamingYT Hace un mes +1

    Yes this should be in the Olympics.

  • Glenn der velde
    Glenn der velde Hace 29 días

    Now i wanna try that 😅

  • LiL_TRY_HARD_505
    LiL_TRY_HARD_505 Hace 10 días

    There’s always that one friend

  • Franklin the Gangster
    Franklin the Gangster Hace un mes

    I'm just imagining that how amazing it would be if you slide from there.

  • HLB6027
    HLB6027 Hace un mes

    As somebody who launches a 16lbs bowling ball 22 MPH I can say with confidence I can do this

  • Ho-Lee Fuc
    Ho-Lee Fuc Hace un mes

    I wanna play this game soooo bad

  • Reishakyu👨‍🎤
    Reishakyu👨‍🎤 Hace un mes

    Big hands and skill matters ka-wee!🤣

  • Nicholas Cellupica Singh
    Nicholas Cellupica Singh Hace 24 días +1

    Add some forward spin and you’re good

  • Duke City Nate
    Duke City Nate Hace 18 días +3

    Played on that court plenty of times! The Pit in New Mexico got the best basketball atmosphere ever! Place is legendary! 🐾🐺

    • Thean Nelson
      Thean Nelson Hace 13 días

      On god it’s really not that great 😂 don’t get me wrong it’s a great arena but after growing up and only seeing this to seeing how the rest of the nation has their arenas set up the pit is mediocre at best 🤷🏾‍♂️ best thing about it is Danny granger used to play there

    • JJ Garcia
      JJ Garcia Hace 16 días

      I've been to many. It's aight but not the best don't overplay it because you are from the area

  • Emiliano Notari
    Emiliano Notari Hace 23 días

    Just make it roll on the ground. With every bounce, the ball loses a lot of speed because of the ledge.

    KING NOLAN Hace 14 días

    It took this video to remind me Kawaii Leonard still in the NBA

  • T Boy MMA 🥊 💨
    T Boy MMA 🥊 💨 Hace 4 días

    The random “nope” lmao

  • Sync
    Sync Hace 28 días +2

    Thought that was the teachers at the end 💀

  • Mins
    Mins Hace un mes

    I want to see Kevin Love do it

  • OrdinaryCorxzed
    OrdinaryCorxzed Hace un mes +1

    “It looks easy”
    “oh wait nvm”

  • FPS Dovah
    FPS Dovah Hace 6 días

    You'd want it spinning up the hill as fast as possible so the bounce pushes it further

  • Jack Liu
    Jack Liu Hace un mes +1

    A man's happiness is so simple.

  • Mitch Davis
    Mitch Davis Hace un mes

    I’m glad ka-wee Leonard did it. I was worried.

  • Yourface240
    Yourface240 Hace 29 días

    The bouncing makes it harder lmao roll it like a bowling ball with alot of force

  • Corrupt Xanax
    Corrupt Xanax Hace un mes

    Each bounce takes away momentum. If get it to roll then you can get it 50% out of 100%

  • Samia
    Samia Hace 3 días

    I think the key to that.. is to not let it bounce. Same as bowling. It needs the steady momentum rather than it bouncing and going with gravity.

  • YetiManDude
    YetiManDude Hace un mes

    The reason it's so hard is because the ball bounces and kills most of its momentum. The key would be to try to make it bounces little as possible.

  • seed:
    seed: Hace 10 días

    I was in shock put out me in coach !!!

  • TheBiizR
    TheBiizR Hace un mes

    Goal keepers in football could probably smash this challenge

  • Jim Dejonghe
    Jim Dejonghe Hace un mes

    They have more grip so they can let it rol faster when teowing

  • DDeglane16
    DDeglane16 Hace 15 días

    Not gonna lie, when I first read his name I thought it was pronounced Ka-Wee too